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  • Search for Accommodation: For patients who live outside Madrid, Centro Dental Internacional offers a search service for accommodation from the days prior to the post-intervention in our center.
  • Shuttle service: Centro Dental Internacional offers the possibility of a shuttle service for patients who undergo complex surgeries and do not have companion; leading them to his home.
  • Music, virtual glasses and documentaries: Centro Dental Internacional o offers patients a choice of individual music or documentaries for patients undergoing different procedures of long duration.
  • optional Catering service: Centro Dental Internacional o offers the possibility of a catering service special (liquid diet if required) for patients undergoing a surgical procedure and rehabilitation that lasts all day.



Centro Dental Internacional offer a service performed anaesthetists and intravenous sedation monitored nitrous oxide, in cases in which the patient requires. This type of sedation is not general anaesthesia, which, we saved the adverse effects of this type of anaesthesia; but we managed to sedate the patient in a controlled manner, so that will be sleepy and relaxed throughout the surgical process, returning to recover its normal state once the procedure is completed.


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